Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Birthday Celebrations in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

It was my birthday last week. I am now.... older. BOOOOO.
In celebration, we decided to visit some friends up north.
I honestly had no idea that Newcastle-upon-Tyne was such a nice place.
As a proper southerner, I imagined that being that far north would be more than just grim. I was wrong.

The River Tyne
The River Tyne with some bridges
The Tyne Bridge
The Gateshead Millenium Bridge

After a 5 hour drive, with so very little sleep the night before, I was thinking that I would not be able to deal with six fingered northerners with accents so broad I would have to concentrate so very very hard to even grasp the general idea of the conversation.

My ability to concentrate is limited at the best of times. It's not that I can't, it just that I sometimes forget to listen. I tend to daydream. If you interest me, fascinate me, then you got me for as long as you want me... otherwise there is little chance that I will be completely focused on any conversation.

We must have spent ages looking for this bloody 'Angel of the North' We knew it was on the A1 SOMEWHERE...

We found it. This was the best picture I could muster up.
I KNOW! I could definitely win awards with that!

We sung 'Fog on the Tyne' as we drove across the bridge. Haha. Watch this if you don't know what I am talking about....

Paul Gascoigne, what HAPPENED to you?! Where are you?

We were shown around the city and surrounding area's by a friend we used to work with, that decided to move back up north.

Whitley Bay

We were shown the delights of Whitley Bay. Beautiful!

And the nearest Royal Marine Commando base.

I considered calling the number to see if I could be recruited. Just for the day.

I met up with another friend who I think was surprised at how impressed I was with 'The North'. He claimed most people come up to get pissed.

He isn't wrong. If you have ever watched an episode of Geordie Shore then you will understand. It's Newcastle's answer to Jersey Shore. If you're not orange and if your skirt is more than two inches long, then you stand out like a sore thumb.

Well, not us, oh no..... until Friday. The night before a 5 hour journey back home.

So incredibly STUPID.

We fell upon a bar, next door to the hotel. They charged us £4.20 for a double vodka and a double gin. WOW!! The next round went down to £3.20... I was NOT complaining. Then we discovered that trebles were two for £5.

This is the only place I know where the drinks get cheaper throughout the night.

I don't really remember much else.

I apparently sent a few random drunken texts at 1.26am... 2.42am.... 3.08am. Hmmmm..... now that hasn't happened in a long long time!

This was one of them...

so meeker I can't atbt
Double. Shotss
Vodka not good .9

I am pretty impressed with being able to spell the most important words correctly. Predictive text is brilliant when drunk.
I also found this photo on my phone.

I must have found this very amusing at the time.

I also discovered that I had written, in toothpaste, on the mirror in the bathroom of the hotel room.
'Love you long time xoxo' 

Highly unlike me. I would never write xoxo on anything.

The 5 hour journey home was, to be honest, probably not legal. I can only describe it as horrific. I cannot talk about it anymore. It makes me want to vomit, even now.

That Angel of the North has a lot to bloody answer for! I am pretty sure that she was laughing as we drove home!


  1. Nice post as always Miss Teacher, happy belated birthday too. You're right that Newcastle is a beautiful place. I'm awful fond of there and would love to go to study at the university there someday perhaps.

  2. Happy belated birthday and it sounds like you had a blast. Now you've made me miss the cheap alcohol prices of England.

  3. This is so interesting! I feel like I have traveled to the other side of the globe. I live in Texas and we often talk about people with "northern accents". I didn't realize this happened in England, too.

  4. Nice images. (:

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  6. Sorry about the former post. It implied it was asking your age so I deleted it. Bad thing to do to a female. Hope you had a great birthday. What'd you get?

  7. Belated birthday wishes Miss T :) I tend to lose the conversations mid way as well....

    ROFL at the drunken text ;)

  8. I love the random remnants after a night out. And it could've been worse, at least you didn't wake up with a traffic cone in your bed and a picture of someone's knob on your phone.

    Not that that has ever happened to me.

  9. Well, Barfly, in that case politically-incorrect moi will ask the lady... Congrats, Miss Teacher! So er, how young are we today? I know you're much younger than I am - that would be a depressing 41 (BOOOOO called for) - and you're so much better looking, especially now you're a brunette, so there's no need to sulk, really. Great pics, and many happy returns!

  10. Did your ability to understand the people become betetr the drunker you got? I find that with me and Cork people! Very amusing trip tho and the pictures are great, looked like a nice day weather wise :)

  11. @Waffles... Thanks for the birthday wishes. Newcastle is lovely. Go to university there if you can!

    @JayJay... Thanks for the birthday wishes too. Those prices were just madness!

    @Kelley... It really is difficult to understand Geordies.

    @Interwebs fails... Thanks. I do feel the exception is perhaps the angel of the north pic however.

    @Barfly.. You can ask away. I may not give you the answer though. I got to go to Newcastle and get very drunk for my birthday.

    @BB... thank goodness it is not just me that does that! PS. Your pictures are far superior to the crap I post on here, so ignore the rubbish comments.

    @Bersercules... Well, I thought I was drinking vodka, but it may well have been anything. The 8 test tube shots which we somehow drunk before leaving the bar were a questionable blue colour.

    @DCG... This sounds like you are talking from past experience. I have to say, I have not woken up with a traffic cone on my head, but it was in my bathroom. Cock pictures do tend to ermmm...crop up every now and then... haha!

    @RCB... thanks for the birthday wishes, but that doesn't mean you get to know my age! It's definitely lower than 41, but higher than 31. I love being a brunette. Being called classy, elegant, posh, mysterious, sexy and glamourous is pretty impressive from just a hair colour change!

    @PTR... I always understand people the more drunk I get. It's a gift.

  12. Well, you can't blame a guy for trying, right? :)

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