Sunday, 2 October 2011

My very first interview...

So... the mentally unstable Plumber from Brooklyn interviewed me. It was as surreal experience. One that I kinda liked. A lot. It was my first interview, ever, so I am a little anxious.
I have no idea what goes on in that mind of his, but I am pretty sure if I did, I would be in a corner rocking and crying silently.
I just hope I do his blog justice as it is one of my favourites. If I don't and it becomes one of those epic failures, I will take it on board and learn from my mistakes. I will then go and sit in that corner and start rocking and crying silently.

Here's a little taster. Now, if you want to read the rest you need to visit Mr P here.

-Tell us more about you
Really? You probably don't want to hear more about me.... that's just you being polite. I'm not that interesting I promise you.

-What's the weirdest thing that happened in your career?
They allowed me to become a teacher. Then they allowed me to be in responsible for 10 adults and 160 13/14 year old children as well as teach science to teenagers. 
Do these people even realise what they have done?!

-What would you do if a kid that you thought was really ugly, turned out to be a horse in disguise?
All kids are ugly!

PS. Be careful of the racoons over there.


  1. He's not mentally unstable, everyone else is. I'm about to read the interview now.

  2. The guy is a flying douche. Stay away from his blog. He is a retard and it's contagious.

  3. I might hang out here for a bit...before I catch the madness.

  4. @Mark... You may have a valid point.

    @HP... You shouldn't be so hard on him. He's a pretty sound guy, and only slightly retarded, but I blame the racoons for that!

    @DCG... Thanks for hanging out here.

  5. I've been told that plumber is a pimp.

  6. I am off to read the interview straight away. I am a bit wary though...maybe it has something to do with racoons causing retardation? ;)

  7. I read the interview earlier on and it was absolutely awesome. I'm also following your blogs now as your posts seem interesting and worth keeping up with. :)

  8. Loved it! The Plumber is an interview god.

  9. Loved the interview, although the midget arms are going to be in my nightmares tonight. I imagine my nightmare will include those midget arms and Bob Barker. Don't ask.

  10. Interesting interview, Miss Teacher, for his birthday party one year, my friend wanted a midget to walk around and serve Cheetos out of his/her sombrero. What are your thoughts on that?

  11. I really enjoyed the interview on Plumbers website. Following your site.

  12. Now that's what I call a funny interview. I've already told my friends Brandon and Bryan about it, too. :)

  13. I'm headed over to read the interview now!If the comments are any indicator, I'm in store for some midget magic.

  14. And instead I find that we've been enlisted! Thanks for the shout out, Teach! Let me grab Stevie out of the closet, bail Bryan out of detox, and we'll be ready to stomp some zombie ass!

  15. @bolg... WHAT?! A pimp you say? He hasn't paid me yet!

    @JayJay... yeah, watch out. He has a serious obsession with racoons.

    @Waffles... thanks for the visit & following.

    @DWei... well????

    @Pope... He really is an interview god.

    @Hobo girl... hahaha... midget dreams, funny! I wanna hear all about them!

    @Barfly... Thanks. My thoughts are similar to yours. My mate and I were going to high a midget for another mates stag do. He would have been handcuffed to him all night. The only thing that stopped us was the stag's father.

    @Mo... Thanks for the visit & following. Glad you liked it.

    @RCB... Glad I made you laugh. And thanks for telling B & B.

    @ABTF... Hahaha, I have indeed enlisted you! Superglued together of course. Bryan seems like a liability at the moment though. I'm not so sure he's up to scratch and gonna make it.

  16. Bloody hilarious if not slightly disturbing!! Just saying ;)

  17. Heh, just read this on the Plumber's blog, good stuff, great teacher! I'll be keeping my eye on you...

  18. The Hasidic Plumber is a great interviewer! He interviewed me a couple of weeks ago and it didn't drive me crazy!

  19. :D all kids are ugly :D and you teach science, wow! now that must be some task. I will read the interview further...

    ps: you are sooooo funnnnnnyyyy <3

  20. All kids are ugly?

    You're such a mean person.

    ...And I think I'm in love with you.

    It's my personal opinion that children should be eaten for breakfast. That's the only thing they're good for.