Monday, 25 July 2011

Schools out for summer!

Finally made it! The summer holidays! From the first day back in September, this is the moment that every teacher longs for... that very first Monday morning of the summer holidays, knowing that as the rest of the world struggle to get out of bed, the majority of the teaching profession will stir at about 6.30am, look at the time, smile, then turn over and go back to sleep for a while longer. Knowing that for at least the next 6 weeks Monday mornings won't be filled with anxiety and dread about what the day ahead will bring.

Which does bring me nicely onto something a little mad I thought I would do. The cycle to work scheme... Hmmm... So now I have a bike to pick up, along with some essential accessories. I have convinced myself that I will be able to cycle to work. Yes, actually get out of my beloved bed at least 45 minutes earlier than usual, and cycle to work. As long as I do this at least once (and I don't mean once a week), I think I can justify this foolish decision. What seems to be of amusement to the majority of my colleagues is that the idea of my best friend in the world (P) and I will be attempting this ride to school together, with no idea of the rules of the road, and the slight anxiety of knowing we will need to take a hand off the handlebars at some point to indicate which way we are about to turn.

Having thought a little about this and read a leaflet the kind man in the cycle shop gave me, I am perhaps thinking public liability insurance may well be worth while... particularly if you have ever seen P and I do anything together, that requires concentration. So easily distracted, so easily amused, sand to be honest, so easily confused!

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