Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday morning smiles...

I had another interesting lesson with my year 8's this morning. They are still working hard on their chosen projects and have produced some pretty special work. Really.
Anyway, the same young man (let's call him Eric) that had previously asked me about going up into space and being transported back down to earth via portholes, wanted to ask another question or two.

Eric is a very inquisitive young man. It's nice to have a student that will ask lots of questions. It doesn't seem to happen much anymore. 13 years olds just don't seem to care enough.

So, Eric asks me a few questions about space travel. How much do you think astronauts get paid, how much do you think it's costs to travel into space etc etc. I excitedly tell him all about Virgin Galactic and how phenomenal it would be to go into space.

Eric's response was not one I was expecting...

...Michael Jackson has been to the moon hasn't he? He made a film about it called Moonwalker...

Wow! He left me speechless for a few moments, but that soon turned into chuckles which I just could not disguise at all.

I'm making sure I will be teaching Eric again in the new academic year. The entertainment value is priceless.

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