Saturday, 18 June 2011

Let's see how long this lasts...

I was thinking about how long I thought I would be in teaching for. The thinking was mainly taking place during a union meeting at lunchtime yesterday, when I should really have been paying more attention to what was being said about striking on June 30th. The talk of pensions and pay made me drift off slighty into my own little world.

I started to think about whether I could hack this job for another thirty odd years or if I would change career at any point. I can't say that the thought of teaching for thirty more years filled me with joy. More so, fear.

But, I began to consider my career options, and do you know what, I actually couldn't think of anything else I would rather do. Everything else seemed a bit boring. So instead of moaning about my job all the time, I am going to try and look at it more positively! Not sure quite how long the positiveness will last... maybe just until 9am on Monday, but we shall see.

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