Thursday, 9 June 2011

Is it the end of term yet?

How soon can one put challenging behaviour down to 'end of term' or even 'end of year'?
I'm thinking that with still at least six weeks to go, it may well be a touch too early.

That internal switch inside every student seems to have flicked much too early this year! Surely it would be impossible for the current status quo to remain for another six weeks? Surely!?
My internal switch, which is currently on 'just about holding it together' may well flick far too soon to 'absolute insanity' with such velocity that sparks will fly!

Year 11 seem to be bounding around with an almost arrogant swagger to their step, indicating that they believe themselves to be above and beyond the schools control now.
Year 10 have seemingly slipped in to replace the dwindling year 11 cohort, with a puffing out of the chest and a display of vivid feathers to make sure the impressionable youngsters are aware that they now 'run the school'.
Year 9 are stepping gingerly around the newly declared 'leaders' of the school yet relishing the chance of being deputies to their seniors.
Year 8 perservere with the apathetic, lackadaisical attitude that they seem to have shown all year.
Year 7 are now so well and really consumed by secondary school life and have been well trained by veterans at evading consequences and deflecting blame, that they are ready to ascend to higher ranks.

It is a fascinating adventure to observe.

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  1. Surely nothing is a challenge to our very own Miss Teacher? By the way, do your students know about your blog? Mine do, so they never ever make themselves guilty of displaying challenging behaviour fearing - and justly so - they might end up in one of my classroom anecdotes. Just trying to help you out...