Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Project work

I had a very amusing lesson with year 8 today.
They were given the freedom to choose an area within science they want to do a project on. So, they set to work, in pairs, planning and discussing and were all very excited and enthusiastic! As I walked around the room, I listed the topic each pair had decided to focus on. This, in itself, was a source of great amusement.

Here are a few...
Death: the afterlife

Now, I could probably incorporate science into every one of those ideas, but, I got the feeling that my class were forgetting this was a science project. So, with some prompting, they all managed to come up with something a little more tangible than death: the afterlife.

Anyway, the lesson was progressing well, ideas were being shared, resources were being sort, questions were being asked.

One young man in particular, was the source of my amusement. He was asking lots of questions about his project on space and space travel, which was fantastic. There was however a theory followed by an example to back this theory up along with actions.

Student: You know when you go up? Like up. Like straight up. (accompanied by a jerking of the head upwards and standing more and more upright every time the word up was used.
Teacher: Yes, I understand what up means
Student: Well, when you go up, you just come back to the start again, don't you?
Teacher: Are you talking about gravity?
Student: No, it's like when you go in through your leg and come out through your eye, then back in through your eye and out of your leg.
Teacher: I'm sorry, could you explain that again?
Student: When you go through portholes in space you get back to the start.

So, by now I'm starting to realise that PS3's and XBoxes have a lot to answer for, but, what concerned me most and amused me greatly was the very strange example of going in through your leg and out through your eye.

Is there a game that allows one to to do this? Have EA Sports made this a possibility?

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