Thursday, 1 September 2011

Adam Levine V's Lucien Laviscount... who wins?

I'm going to conduct a little experiment tonight based on this article and the deepest desires documentary I watched a while ago.

In theory, I am currently not be at my most fertile and therefore should not be attracted to masculine looking men (square face, thicker eyebrows, thinner lips etc). We shall see. I am not convinced by this research. I am attracted to masculine looking men regardless of where I am in my monthly cycle. My carnal desire for Adam Levine does not just appear mid-cycle then disappear...oh no! I would like to do some questionnable things to him every single day of my cycle!
Baby faced, pretty boys do nothing for me. Although, I have developed a soft sport recently for Lucien Laviscount.

P is attracted to pretty boys. 'Spice boys' we like to call them. She should be attracted to these baby-faced 'spice boys' tonight as well.

I have no idea about the menstrual cycles of N, J and H, but I will find out later.

Now, if I am able to remember the vodka fuelled night by tomorrow morning, I will be feeding back my results to back up this crazy research, or to laugh in it's face! Haha!

With a hangover... shit! And possibly a few out of focus photos, depending on the extent of my drunkeness.

I also hope that in my drunken wisdom (because I do tend to get unbelievably wise when I've had a few too many vimto's), I don't fire up the old laptop and start to vomit words onto here!

Hmmm... worse things have happened, but I won't reveal them as I want to keep my classy chick image. Hahahaha!


  1. I hope you don't mind me saying that women talking about cycles tends to have the same effect on us square-faced guys: it doesn't necessarily jump-start our hormones if you catch my drift. The only cycles I would know anything about is are the ones that start with bi. I may have told you about the one hanging from my wall...

  2. P.S. See what happens when you start discussing cycles? I start typing things like 'is are'! Yes of course it's your fault :)

  3. @RCB... After only a single glass of white wine (so far), I can tell you my research is going well!
    Nothing is ever a womans fault, never, ever! Your words fail you because you may well be in awe of my wisdom and intellect. This is often distracting to men.