Saturday, 8 October 2011

Blonde V's Brunette

Kate Hudson

Natalie Portman
Today (in about 30 minutes) I am saying goodbye. Goodbye to my blonde hair.
I don't know if this is the right decision, however, they say a change is as good as a rest, so, here's hoping that I am feeling rested in a couple of hours.

I am apprehensive yet excited. I have been blonde for 10 years now and it's time for a change. It isn't my natural colour, I am a brunette.

I am wondering if women's hair colour really does affect how others perceive them. Men, other women, employers, potential partners, friends...

Do blondes really have more fun?


  1. I find Natalie Portman way more beautiful than Kate Hudson and I've always loved brunettes much more than I have blondes but I can still see why it's a tough decision. I actually had my hair blonde until recently too so it's not like I've got anything against blondes. If someone judges you based on your hair colour then they were never that great people in the first place.

  2. I used to be crazy for blondes. I had blonde hair most of my life and it is still blondish brown and I used to hate it as a younger boy. Now I wish it had stayed blonde blonde. As I get older, I find myself liking the brunettes more. You aren't making the wrong decision if its what you want to do.

  3. I love brunnettes. Seriously, my dream girl is Mila Kunis i think, maybe Adriana Lima (if she remains silent). Anyway... yeah good choice.
    We have a saying here, blondes are for f**king and brunnettes are for marrying.

  4. i can haz both¿

  5. I'm a brunette, well my hair is almost black and it grows really fast (I had it cut to mid-back and in a year it was almost down to my bum) so I could never go blonde as it would need roots doing every couple of weeks.
    So it's not like I can comment from the point of view of having had both, but I am always complimented on it, by men and women. I have blonde friends though, and yeah I do think they get perceived as being stupid or slutty at times.
    What I do know is that not having to constantly use peroxide on it is great for your hair.

  6. I have such dark hair...I doubt blonde will ever suit my skin tone :-D

  7. I'm with Yeamie as far as if they judge you based on hair color they shouldn't really matter anyway. Personal preference is brunette, though. It just suits more people, in my eyes.

  8. I agree with Yeamie and D4. I'm brunette myself - mainly because I'm too lazy to try a lighter colour, plus I feel I suit being a brunette.

    Though changing hair colour is always fun. It may shock you for a few days and then you'll (hopefully) get used to it. Have fun!

  9. I'm a fan of natural color, little to no make up, etc.

    Blonde hair gets my attention but only in a sexual sense but brunette draws a more overall interest.

    I always thought I had a thing for blondes until I married a brunette. It seems the plumber's comment is accurate!

  10. @Waffles... You definitely have a point there!

    @Barfly... I hope I haven't made the wrong decision.

    @HP... I am familiar with that saying too. We shall see.

    @Bolg... You can have both, but I don't think I would be able to pull that off.

    @DCG... It will be very interesting how people respond to me now. I'm thinking of it as a social experiment.

    @BB... I have seen that before. Not so sure it looks too good though.

    @D4... Hopefully it suits me too.

    @JayJay... I was in shock all day to be honest. I woke up today and I forgot what I had done, so I got another shock when I looked in the mirror. But I love it!

    @Dan... Hmm... Brunettes draws a more overall interest huh? I like that.

  11. Personally I find brunettes have a mysterious quality to them that draws me in vs blonds as it suits me. It depends on your skin tone too. :)

  12. I think blondes have more fun, but only if the hair doesn't look fake, dead, and cheap. Real blondes have more fun, but I'm not the one to give it to them :)