Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Don't put up signs that make no sense, they confuse people!

I went to the gym today and for the first time ever, I read the notice inside the wooden lockers. This is what it said.

Now, I may well lack common sense SOMETIMES, be a little ditsy EVERY NOW AND THEN, have the ODD blonde moment (although maybe I should be calling them senile moments now), but this notice made VERY little sense to me....

Firstly, I find it amusing and slightly ironic that a security notice is placed INSIDE the door of a locker, where, you would only read it IF you were locking away your valuables.

Secondly, what is the point?! What is the point, of having lockers if I am not able to put valuables in them? What are they expecting me to put in them instead? Myself?
Now, that could be an interesting gym workout!

Hmmm... look at this lovely wooden locker Sandra.
It's so spacious. I can't put my valuables in it, but I think I might fit.
What do you think?

Jane, I don't think you should try it. Your ass is far too big.
Get in that gym and stop eating.
Try again in a couple of weeks.

A bunch of complete idiots must work in my gym...

I now have this very strong urge to see if I can actually get in the locker... maybe I should try tomorrow. Hmmm...


  1. this is crazy! where else would you store stuff in a gym?

  2. Maybe they want you to put your invaluables there? "Well, I don't mind if I lose this pair of shoes. I've owned them for 5 years, and one has a hole in it."

  3. @chintan... EXACTLY!

    @A beer for the shower... those shoes you speak of are very valuable to me! That is why I still have them after 5 years and they have holes in. I wear them when I feel emotional. The smell brings back so many memories...

  4. And? ... Do you fit? (or shouldn't I ask?) Maybe they want you to work out a sweat until you do... It's the latest thing. I'm surprised you didn't know.