Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A successful Bank Holiday weekend

I beat Sir Trevor McDonald at bowling this weekend! Haha! He is a legend!
I did NOT however, beat Harry Poter... not Harry Potter as one might think, but Harry Poter... not sure who he is, or the other chick in the game come to that, but I enjoyed being the smelly homeless Chinese man. About time he had a little boast to his self confidence. Now all he needs is a bath.

Following my historic win over Sir Trev, leads me on to another historic win but the most ridiculous game of football I have ever witnessed in the Premier League! Arsenal managing to lose by 6 goals is pretty impressive stuff. I mention this only briefly as the likelihood of being laughed at or stoned is relatively high.

The second thing I was successful at this weekend (apart from my bowling triumph), was shopping. Shopping for shoes & clothes!! Uh huh, that's right.... but not any kind of shoe & clothes shopping, oh no, the SECRET kind. The one that the other half does not know about and that goes on the credit card. I have not finished my shopping spree either.... I will continue this week. And I KNOW I am not alone with this secret shopping. I have lots of female friends and family members that do this on a regular basis.

Women are brilliant at secret shopping. Which is helped somewhat by men not being on the ball with what clothes and shoes you wear on a regular basis. If by any chance they may question whether that pair of shoes is new, or that they have never seen that dress before.... the answer is always, I bought it AGES ago, its old, just haven't worn it yet. It always works. You just place (not hide, as that could be perceived as being deceptive) the items you bought at the back of the wardrobe for a few days at least, then, bingo, they are no longer new.

How else do we keep ourselves looking as good as we do, hmmm?

And to complete this fairly successful long bank holiday weekend, a rainbow....

Now, if I can find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I will not need a credit card to pay for my shoes. It's either that or Leprechaun's. Unfortunately, I don't think the Leprechaun will pay for my shoes, although, could be highly amusing if I brought him home with me.

Oh, and just before I go.... having read about Jason Statham, and being slightly aroused by such life-like cartoons of him, thanks to the guys at a beer for the shower, I hope to go to sleep with images of him swirling around my mind and hope that I wake up dry humping my pillow thinking it is indeed the man himself....

Night night ;-)


  1. Oh wow, that was all over the place. As a football junkie i must say the Arsenal game was one for the ages. And regarding Wii Bowling, i have to say im one of the best drunken wii bowling players you will ever meet hahaha

  2. @GMSoccerpicks... That sounds like a WII bowling challenge!!! I don't think you realise what unbelievable tekkers I have! Hahaha!

  3. awww shopping and rainbow :) i saw the rainbow too :D you should have posted the photos of the shoes..

  4. Thanks for warning me about secret shopping. I'll now monitor every account I've ever exposed to my wife.

    Also, you're welcome about 'the Statham.' Try not to hump that pillow too hard. When I dream of Olivia Wilde, I put holes in mine...

  5. @Chintan... the next pair of shoes I buy will have their photo taken and appear on here.

    @A beer for the shower... Damn, that was an epic failure in keeping secret shopping, SECRET! Shhhhhhhh.... Don't tell anybody else. And my pillow survived the night, just! Daniel Craig tonight! Mmm...hmmm...

  6. You are so correct Miss Teacher. I write our blog about a group of party neighbors because I observe details that nobody else does. I can't, however, seam to ever notice my wife's haircut, new clothes, new shoes, anything she has rearranged, etc. Must be dogs & cats kind of thing.