Sunday, 14 August 2011

Deepest Desires Documentary

I watched this episode of a series called Human Instinct.

Born to Survive - Human Instinct

It's all very interesting and that, but what it basically boils down to is...

1. women are going to cheat when they're ovulating with men that look like... ermmmm... chimps and gorillas.
2. men want to fuck women with big boobs and hips.
3. women like well toned, triangle shaped men as they will be far better at producing ideal offpsring
4. men want to fuck as much as possible.
5. women prefer baby faced men when not ovulating (but are less likely to cheat then, so Justin Bieber is pretty safe).

So, all in all...

Women are pretty fussy about who they fuck, but will cheat on you between day 10 and 15 of their menstrual cycle with Monkeyboy.

Men just want to fuck!

Like we didn't already know this....

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