Wednesday, 31 August 2011

On yer bike!

I have to tell you about my newest obsession. I do tend to get quite obsessed with things quite quickly. In fact, I worry myself sometimes. Anyway, I have a new bike. I did have some serious reservations about this crazy idea of getting a bike (see here), but my reservations have turned into this new obsession.

I haven't fallen off once. I haven't had any close encounters with cars, trucks or buses. I have been out 7 times and cycled about 60 miles, which I feel, for a novice, on a brand spanking new bike with little idea of the rules of the road, and absolutely no idea what a puncture is, let alone how to repair one, is BLOODY GOOD!

I am proud of myself. I am using my car less and getting exercise. But, this is where it now starts to turn into an obsession.... I have a few friends and family that are seriously into cycling, running and triathlons. They are all very supportive and encouraging. They are so encouraging, that they are telling me I can do some triathlons with them. And now I am thinking I can too! I need to wind my neck in a little I think!

Don't get me wrong, I run, on average about 20km a week, I'm pretty confident with swimming, although the thought of swimming in a lake is freaking me out slightly. (If I can't see the bottom, I'm outta there!) And I am loving cycling. But a triathlon? Really? Me thinks I should attempt to cycle to work once before I get carried away with competitions, but I just can't help it. If I start learning something new, I want to be good at it straight away. I have no patience at all. I'm not competitive with others, only myself. It's a curse I tell you! A curse!


  1. I get obsessed all the time...its so cool you got a bike...i have been thinking but not bought one yet....traffic scares me...

  2. 'I haven't had any close encounters with cars, trucks or buses.' Let's knock on wood, Miss Teacher. Let's knock on wood. But, yes, it does seem like your latest hobby might get you into some serious trouble, although I have to say that running, what, 20km a week is mighty impressive. I, for one, pride myself on a miserable 8km a week (followed by an intensive lying-on-my-couch session), so that's peanuts compared to what you're doing. And as for a bike, well, just between the two of us - last year I thought I had a brainwave: Get yourself a mountain bike! So I bought one and it has been hanging from my wall ever since. I'm not kidding. I just tell people it's art...

    - Randy

    P.S. Good luck with the triathlon. May the force be with you.