Sunday, 21 August 2011

Have you worked with vibrating tools?

Much to my amusement and those around me, I spotted this in a newspaper whilst sitting having a quiet drink in a local pub. Now, I know that my reaction was probably closer to that of the teenagers I teach, but I just couldn't contain myself! It did get me thinking though.... about vibrating 'tools'.

Most women these days have, ermm, well, lets carry on referring to it as a vibrating 'tool' shall we. And to be honest, if they don't, then they have NO idea what they are missing out on. Clearly no substitute for the real thing, or is it? Hmmm....

Anyway, the ad made me wonder what was available 30 years ago to women, or even before then. So, I did a bit of historical research!

Apparently, some of the very early toys were made from camel dung (OMG!!) and coated in a hard resin.

In the 1800's physicians treated women for "hysteria" to which the cure was to massage the clitoris! They used to dispense a phallus shaped object to these women.  
I wonder how many men now think that it would have been a pretty amazing job to have.   

1990 was the year of silicone, before then, leather, rubber, wax, pottery, wood.  WOOD!!!
Oh good Lord, the splinters!!

First cordless vibrator was developed in 1968.
I wonder if after 30 years of using 'vibrating tools' you would indeed suffer from pins & needles, numbness and coldness.
Not to mention white patches on the hands and arms.
That's surely got to be lack of blood flow?!

I reckon 'No win, no fee'.

What an interesting half hour I've had... Must do this more often!

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