Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hyperbole is an interesting word, isn't it?

I learnt a new word yesterday... Well, I say new, I have heard it before, but never ever used it in any conversation. And, to be honest, wasn't completely sure what it actually meant.

I think I may have learnt it once in my GCSE English lessons at school, but I can't really remember. Probably because, as most of my school reports said I was 'far too chatty, needed to focus on my work rather than flicking ink at the back of teachers'. Oh, and I was told not to run away and hide when I knew I was going to be spoken to. Yes, I really did do that! Even at age 15 I crawled along a crowded corridor on all fours, inbetween all my fellow students legs, at top speed, and hid between the lockers at the other end of the school to avoid the Deputy Head. Which is strange as my last post was about trying to get into lockers! Ha!

I know that all those literary geniuses would be astounded at my ignorance of the English language being a teacher and all, but if I don't know what a word means, I don't, so I find out.

So, when this word was used in a conversation I was having, I asked what it meant. 'Hyperbole'. That was the word. The reply was something along the lines of..."I don't suppose you would do, being a science teacher."

Is this a regular word in ones vocabulary? Hyperbole? Really? In normal conversation? Or other similarly scary words? If it is then I have a lot to learn! I'm pretty sure I would say something like... 'are they exaggerating to make a point?' as opposed to 'was that a hyperbole?' But, thats why other people are infinitely more wise than me! (And maybe they have more wisdom teeth than me.)

I do realise that day by day, little by little, the person I was having this conversation with, is gradually giving up all hope on me and my relationship with the English language. To the point that he uses the words 'innit' and 'woteva' to keep me engaged in the conversation. Which again, I think he finds relatively hard work at the best of times! I'm much better at talking to people in person than on the phone, believe me!

However, I am going to learn a new word every day...  I am!

Todays word is....... ? Hmmmmm..... let me think.

Hyperbole is a figure of speech which is an exaggeration. Persons often use expressions such as "I nearly died laughing," "I was hopping mad," and "I tried a thousand times." Such statements are not literally true, but people make them to sound impressive or to emphasize something, such as a feeling, effort, or reaction.


  1. i only remember this as a term of maths :( what's happening :( sigh!

  2. lol and that is hyperbola...what's wrong with me :|

  3. you're cute and funnay. :D
    and no, hyperbole is not a word in a normal conversation. whoever told you that it was certainly exaggerated everything.

  4. so that is a hyperbole that you have less wisdom than others :)

  5. @Chintan... it happens to the best of us!

    @Aasiyah... Cute and funny. I can dine out on that for years! Thanks

    @Muhammad... You're confusing me again! It's not hard to do, but, I'm only just coming to grips with such a complex word.